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Beyond Academics



Beyond Academics

Debate Club

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Drama Club

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The Drama Club/Theatre Club adopts a different technique as it enhances the skills that lie within the children for theatre. The students are taught different terms such as ensemble (to form a circle in a group) along with various other techniques for following instructions such as the ethics and principles of the stage, the details of backstage, the front stage, to face the light, etc. Through solo and group participation, students gain the confidence to present themselves outrageously.

Quiz Club

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Quizzing is a great way for students to nurture a competitive spirit as well as develop an awareness of the world around them. 
The Quiz Club acts as a platform for our students to experience the absolute delight of proving one’s hoary cells, 
exercising one's inquisitiveness, connecting the dots, thinking out of the box, 
arriving at an answer and expressing it innovatively within split seconds while working in teams to win the competitions. 
The Club aims at training members from a younger level still.
 Inter-house quizzes for classes 6-10 are held to bring out the hidden potential of the youngsters. 
With an ever-rising number of members, quizzing in 
TIGPS Raniganj is well on the path of becoming a common hobby of all the students rather than an elitist sport,
 an idea which had led to the founding of the club in the proper place.

Science Club

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Science is the study of physical and natural world and phenomena by using systematic observation and experiment. “Science is facts; just as houses are made of stones, so is science made of facts ‘said Jules Poincare. Numerous scientists are born and there are several more that have made great contribution to the humanity. When science is used only for creative purposes, it finds its full utility. But when they are used for destructive purposes, science is more of a bane than a boon. Thomas Hobbes once said, “Science is the knowledge of consequences and dependence of one fact upon another”. Science is the continuous effort to find truth that lies concealed and there is no room for any competition in science. Every single finding is useful which paves the way for further experiment and exploration. So, there should be unison in the objective of science for the good of the humanity.


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